The House of Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is one of those consumable items that originated in Asia and gradually became an integral part of staple diet of majority of Pakistan. It is believed that rice was originally cultivated in the lap of Himalayas and spread to other parts of the continent. Rice cultivated in Pakistan is famous worldwide for its quality and taste.

Rice ranks high in nutritional value as it is majorly composed of carbohydrate (starch). Rice can be further processed for making rice flour and other food items. Ali Corporation offers premium quality white rice, brown rice and basmati rice at affordable rates that will be delivered at your doorstep.

Amongst the plethora of rice variety available in market, basmati is considered to be the most exquisite. Basmati is occasionally referred to as scented pearls of Pakistan. A premier quality of rice can be identified from its long, slender and elongated shape that is appealing to eyes. Supreme quality of rice has unique characteristics such as great aroma, taste and texture. The packaging is executed under strict supervision to maintain the quality of the rice grains.



Ali Corporation is dedicated to meet customer requirements and exceeding customer expectation while producing healthy safe and hygienic products.



Ali Corporation will provide our clients with premium food products, Highest Services quality and certainly competitive price in a long term relationship.


Product Performance

As a rice processor we have legal, commercial and moral obligation to ensure good standards of rice hygienic are maintained. All necessary steps will be taken throughout processing to ensure rice safety; quality and fulfillment of customer expectations are maintained.



Our worldwide trading dealings have brought a concrete foundation for our growth into new markets. We processed the rice carefully and packed keeping in mind the high standard of customer satisfaction.

White Rice

Parboiled Rice

Steamed Rice

Brown Rice


Our motive is to facilitate the requirement of Client with perfection and total dedication. We always strive to build long lasting business relations with our Clients and we make sure to delight them each and every time by supplying Quality Products, Timely Delivery, Precise Communication & Professional approach.

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